About Us

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Mariental Game Ranch

We are located 275 km south of the capital, Windhoek, approximately 2.5 hours drive by car. The 40 thousand hectares hunting area has the benefit of an efficient game management program, providing ample game stock, making it possible for you to enjoy a daily extraordinary adventure.

All equipment, including rifles, hunting bows, together with horses and experienced Kalahari Bushman trackers are available.

We do have an association with the neighboring Safari Lodge where various activities plus a Kalahari Treatment Spa are available.

Dahonga is a name which is highly respected by the Kalahari People.


Kalahari Flora includes Acacia Bushes, being useful as camouflage for hunters. The Black Thorn (Acacia Mellifera) is a thick bush variety providing tracking cover (see video clip).

Camelthorn trees are majestic, and combined with the red dunes; offer a unique and special hunting environment. It has many useful functions. Being rich in protein, the leaves form part of the staple diet of giraffes and browsers. Their roots are used in herbal medicine in treating the common cold and flu by the San People. Camelthorn seeds can be crushed and can be used as a coffee substitute. The wood can be used for hut construction, fences, or firewood. Lastly this tree offers shade from the Kalahari sun to hunters.